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Formosa Singers

Founded in 1994, Formosa Singers has been the most exuberantly animated choir in Taiwan.  Artistic Director and Conductor Julian Ching-Chun Su, after receiving his Master’s degree in Choral Conducting at Westminster Choir College, USA, returned to Taiwan and founded the choir, setting out to promote choral music of pristine quality and to refine the art of choir in Taiwan. The recognition of nearly twenty years of endeavor has been extended from Taiwan to abroad.

Formosa Singers’ dedication in enriching the spirit of Taiwan folksong has given over a century’s Taiwan music, traditional and modern alike, new sound and new life. It was commissioned by the Council of Hakka Affairs in 2004 to create and publish Hakka Folksong Choral Album and its scores. Over a dozen of CD albums, recognized by the nomination and awards for Golden Melody Award held by Government Information Office, and over a hundred published scores of mixed-voices and equal voices choir, are the abundant fruits of Formosa Singers’ steady and sure endeavor.

As one of the best choir groups in Taiwan, Formosa Singers has been invited to perform at numerous art festivals worldwide since 2000 and received recognition. The countries visited include the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. Formosa Singers was invited to perform at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York and awarded Outstanding Art’s Award by Taiwan Care Incorporated of the US. It entered the 21st Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in August 2005 and won the golden medal of mixed chorus, golden medal of male chorus, and silver medal of female chorus, and was also invited to the 7th World Symposium on Coral Music. In August 2007, it was invited to perform at Karuizawa Choral Festival in Japan, and demonstrate at the conductor master class. In October 2008, Formosa Singers was invited to enter the 40th TOLOSA Choral Contest in Spain, one of the European Grand Prix, which will be a good opportunity for the world to hear quality Taiwan voice.

Exploring diverse music styles has been Formosa Singers’ momentum for growth. Since 1997, renowned international musicians including Leonard Bernstein’s highly esteemed choir maestro Joseph Flummerfelt, Martin Behrmann from Germany, Stephen Leek from Australia, Gary Graden from Sweden, Martin Tel, Anton  Armstrong, William Dehning from the US, Tanaka Nobuaki, Ko Matsushita, Hanaoka Yoshihiro from Japan, Katalin Kiss from Magyar, and Maria Guinand from Venezuela, have been invited to joint performances. Apart from the joint performances, Ko Matsushita, Stephen Leek and Pilipino composer Francisco F. Feliciano have also adapted several Taiwanese folksongs, molded so as to suit Formosa Singers perfectly.

Since 2006, Formosa Choral Festival has been held in Taiwan, and renowned choir companies and groups have been invited to perform, presenting an opportunity for learning and exchange of information for the international choral music community.  The invited companies or groups included Australian Voices, USC Thornton Chamber Choir from the US, Brilliant Harmony, Vox Gaudiosa and Ensemble Everygreen from Japan, World Vision Korean Children’s Choir from Korea. Their unique styles and exquisite voices provided the Taiwan people with an elevated perspective for choral music, and the festival has also helped presenting Taiwan to the world through choral music.

As the advocate of Taiwan choral music, Formosa Singers presents Taiwanese folksongs in a mixture of classical and modern styles, emphasizing in-depth interpretation and diversity with the selection of music. Their love for the land inspires them to sing their unique Taiwanese tunes, and to demonstrate to the world their pride for their culture.

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